We understand the important part technology plays in running your organization. You can rely on our support professionals to provide you with the services you need to remain productive. Sehi offers all clients competitive pricing for personal systems, chrome books and mobile devices, servers, printers, wireless and IT infrastructure, sound fields, whiteboards, software, supplies, and much more. We have you covered!

NEW! Sehi Service Ticket Module
Request all of your repairs using our Service Ticket Module! Once we receive your ticket request, our technicians will keep you updated on the status of your ticket within the module. Any time you want to check status, simply come back to your BuySehi account page and all of your open and closed tickets will be listed. Enter a Sehi Service Ticket request

Hewlett Packard Computer and Printer Repair Service Center: 
We are an HP Authorized Service Provider. This means that we are part of a network of dealers and resellers throughout the United States who are authorized to provide support on Hewlett-Packard products both in and out of warranty. This support may include facilitation of HP repair and/or in-house repair. We provide in-house and onsite repair as either a warranty service through HP, or out-of-warranty chargeable services. Enter a service ticket request

Authorized HP, Samsung and Lenovo Chromebook Service Center:
We are an authorized Chromebook service center. In or out of warranty we can fix your Chromebook in a timely fashion.

Computer Repair or Upgrades: 
Does your PC seem slow? You might need a memory upgrade or a tune up. Are you running out of hard drive space? We can upgrade your hard drive or add a second drive to your system. There are many different options to make your computing experience as efficient as possible and we can help! For more information on these services, please contact us

We do not just sell technology products, we also install them. Whether it be a printer, scanner, computer, server, white board or anything - we will deliver it to you or come onsite, configure it and install it. Our Sehi Tech team services are available for schools, small businesses, or even a home network. Installations services can include imaging, asset tagging and management, installing your laptops, tablets, desktop computers, printers, or any other IT products. The team can connect your IT products to your existing broadband connection, and ensure that it is safe and secure for you to use. We can also provide IT relocation if necessary, secured storage, and removal. For more information on these services, please contact us

Computer Imaging:
It does not matter if you purchase 6, 60 or 600 computers from us, we can image them to your provided image and install them right on your network. Contact us to start your imaging

Clean up services:
Does your computer seem a bit slow? Do you have an active virus scanner? 88% Of all PC's are infected by some type of spyware, adware or virus. We will come to your site and cleanup your computer for you or you can bring or ship the computer to us. Clean your computer today

Wireless Networks:
Do you have multiple computers in your place of business? Is there 50 feet and 3 walls between you and your internet connection? Wireless is the answer for you. We will:

  • Setup your wireless router or access point
  • Set the security on it so your neighbors and others cannot see it or access it
  • Setup your notebooks, desktops or both to use it
  • We will even supply the hardware if you like or we can tell you what you need to purchase to make it all happen

For more information on these services you can contact us

Internal Network or LAN:
Save money, make more prudent technology investments, and increase reliability with networking. Sehi Networking Advanced Certified Specialists can integrate your computer networks, infrastructure, data, and security systems to help you operate your organization as efficiently as possible. If you have multiple computers in your office or home and would like them all to use your internet connection or just be able to access each other, we can help! In less than 2 hours your new network could be up and running. There are many different ways to setup a small network. Everyone has different needs. Sehi can help you improve office productivity, ensure network security, and increase uptime performance. For more information on these services, please contact us

Providing you with all of your computing needs:
Computer hardware, including servers, desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, plotters, mass storage devices, networking products, computer accessories, software, and more.

Servers and Storage:
Any business with 5 or more employees would greatly benefit from using a server and increased storage. Companies that add employees without investing in a server can experience problems accessing workstations, lose data due to viruses or spyware, or experience intermittent internet problems. Servers share security and resources, increase reliability, provide centralized data storage, virus management, and a centralized backup system to prevent you from losing irreplaceable information. Simplify your business technology infrastructure, get warehousing solutions, and get up to 99% up time with our reliable solutions.

System Assessments, Print Environment Assessments, and consultation:
Sehi will evaluate your current set up and provide you with a competitive pricing solution that will fit any budget. This assessment includes sales quotes, consulting and configuration for all premium brands, as well as pre and post consultation and continued support from our sales team.

Asset Tagging:
Sehi services can simplify deployment projects and also helps to minimize product loss or theft of your valuable technology by keeping an accurate inventory of your technology assets with asset tagging, management, and reporting for your school’s mobile technology. Asset tags can also help you to manage your technology lifecycle needs economically. Sehi can customize an asset management solution to fit your organization's needs.

Laser Etching:
Mobile technology is a common target for thieves. Custom etching enhances the look of your technology while helping to prevent loss and deter theft. Sehi can etch your devices with identification, add your school’s brand to your equipment, or simply personalize your system for you

Software Solutions:
Utilizing the right software solution can provide you quicker access to data, automate and simplify work processes, use time more efficiently and improve productivity. Software includes licensing and product fulfillment. Sehi can provide any of the following: Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Content Filtering, VMware, Fortres, Absolute, and Sophis. If you are interested in other solutions, just ask!

Service Center/ Repairs:
Our certified technicians can provide on-site warranty repairs for computers, printers, notebooks in a 50 mile radius. We also provide current warranty and post warranty repairs in our service center. Sehi can also enter into a break/fix agreement to contract with a school or business to handle all computer repairs. Contact us, we have sales people all over the state and we may be able to pick up and/or drop off repairs for you. If you are out of our area, we may be able to make shipping arrangements. All work is guaranteed.

We participate in a variety of state and local funded purchasing contracts to get you the best price on technology solutions. These contracts provide large volume bid prices on a variety of technology resources. We participate in many nationwide, statewide and local contracts. Contact Us for more information.